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SSD Sleep Issue

The Macbook air that I replaced the SSD at the beginning of the year cannot recognized the SSD after returning There was talk of a heat problem with the SSD, but it seems that the issue is solved by switching the Sleep mode, and when I switched it, the problem has disappeared so far. 参考サイト:

New Mac mini

Mac mini 2020

This is the first Mac mini update in 10 years. Recently, I thought that the suspension and network surroundings were getting slower, but M1 was also coming out, so I updated it. The Mac mini is now the third generation. PowerPC-> Intel Core i5, it became M1. I bought a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) -Thunderbolt 2 adapter and a Thunderbolt-FireWire adapter to divert existing peripherals. This time, I decided to stop restoring from Time Machine and install from scratch. I was worried about restoring the mail data, but since I had the mailbox on a different drive, I just re-entered the password and it returned to the original.