Mac OS X(formerly NeXT)
History NeXT OS X/Darwin Software D.I.Y

Jobs driven out in Apple carried into the market the machine which used UNIX as the base in 1988. The name is also NeXT. Although it was behind the schedule as long as two years, the market could not but spring.

The design in a square die-casting body is excellent and tasteful interior. Even if who can produce the computer which people want to get with paying money is not other than Jobs, it will not be exaggeration. There cannot be few users who want to take out the machine of Mac OS Xserver with this case.

Not only the design but the OS and the development environment were also excellent. The user interface in which UNIX is not given in spite of using UNIX as the base. Now, the object-oriented development language became natural and the development environment which united GUI with the framework became natural -- Objective-C and Interface Builder -- ,Probably, WWW was not made without these,Probably, the present intern Internet boom had become 5 or 6 years afterward.