Apple I

Wozniak found low-cost Moss Technology 6502 and made a one board computer. Jobs had an eye on the computer and founded a company for selling the computer with Woz. The company is Apple Computer.Woz left a company and sold Hewlett Packard made calculator?and Jobs sold his car for the moneyThus on April 1st 1976 day, Apple Computer was born. This machine called the Apple I after was made in Jobs's garage and the price of 666.66 dollars.

Apple II

Apple II had been planning for the Apple I was popular, but the funds wa short, Mike Markkula who had the fortune by selling stocks of Intel joined as chairman.

Apple II that was equipped with a standard keyboard and a monitor output was released at the $ 1295, double price of the Apple I.

Apple III

Apple found the potential of computers by Visicalc on business and designed a computer. it is Apple III.

It had initial failure and many problems, even when they got the improved version, it was so late.

Apple IIGS

Apple IIGS was released to enhance the graphics and sound. A interface designed at this time ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) that was used by Macintosh.