In this year, The real last drinking.

The Last Cocktail


hAtena Syokunin"'s license arrived today. I odered it at the 24th by online.
I have already finished writing the New Year's card.
I was given up to wait for the license because the licesne did not come though I found to have been written that the mail delay had occurred to mac.com on thier site later, and waited for several hours. And, the license arrived the following today on the fourth. Because it is not somewhat level to which it takes time, I wanted that the warning like notification is put out on thier site.


I updated SweetPieEncodeDecode after long time. I added "URL encoding" function and modified encode block to run as thread and added busy icon.



The method for detecting whether Mac or not by Java is described "Technical Note TN2110"
String lcOSName = System.getProperty("os.name").ToLowerCase ();
And check lcOSName.startsWith("mac os x").


I bought a SuperCard 4.7. I can not download it completely and I contacted the support, they made me a temporary download site.

SuperCard 4.7

Well, let's create something?