I noticed that www.apple.com has the specifications of all Macinotsh (but not including DynaMac sold by Cannon) different from www.apple.co.jp.


And I noticed too that Adaptech has taken over SCSI Probe for Newer. And It can detect Xircom(Entrega)SCSI->USB convertor. It's great!



An e-mail reached this site after a long time. It told us the place which sells parts of Mac.



I glanced at New iBook today. Although I did not touch it since several persons had tried, It is beautiful,isn't it?


Eazel seems to be an operating stop,doesn't it? Although I had heard that Nautilus was uncanny, I does not understand why it is uncanny. although development will not be suspended completely since it is open sauce, I am anxious about the vigor of Open Source falling by that.


I've used SCSI->USB convertor made by Xircom for two days and it seems not stable. If an interrupt occurs, it stops on the way of scanning although depending also on the timing. Is an extreme to update the firmware? I think that tuning the driver improves the problem, but Xircom's driver does't have any Control Panel.


I bought a USB printer interface today. Correctly, I exchanged it for the shop's point. It was considerably cheap and the price was 5000 yen. I want a 7 ports USB HUB next.


I bought the SCSI-USB converter that I had been very concerned about. Adaptec's one is reliable but the price is so high that people can buy a cheapest USB scanner . The converter made by Xircom had come out for 4000 yen in the nearby computer shop. that scsi connector is a male connector of DSUB 25pins.


Although I don't know whether Xircom purchased the product or the compay called entrga that sold the product at the beginning, it is sold with the brand of Xircom. Japanese maker's scanners and storages have not appeared in the compatibility list of Xircom, but I bought that as a trial since the price was low. FB620S of Canon which I was going to try can be used without a connector converter because one of the SCSI connectors is DSUB 25PIN. When I used it, a warning came out by the timeout on the way of a calibration, and it stopped in on the way of scanning. Then I searched in the site of Xircom since the driver was created in 1999, and there was a new one created in September, 2000. It was O.K. after I changed. Pepole say that the USB scanner is slow, but it is faster than LC457 <-SCSI-> SCANNER. It's a good shopping. Next, I tried to use CD-R with B'sRecorderPro4 which was bundled. Although the extention (B'sCDR) removed since the driver stopped my Mac at the time of starting, it was able to write in perfectly. The drive is CDR-TX624 made by I/O DATA. However, CD-ROM cannot be read from the drive. More properly any CD-ROM was not mounted on the desktop. As a writer, it uses for the time being.


when using AppleShare on MacOSX, it needs to access over IP to . So I've thought Mac OSX can't access AppleShare in MacOS7.6 that dosen't support AppleShare over IP, but I've found that a good tool "Shareway IP Personal" was released . Since the person who was concerned with network in Apple Computer has made it, I can use it in comfort. Now, Emailer on LC475 has been accessed from MacOSX.



iBook which was rumor was announced. I want to touch the feeling of the quality early. And my room has been enable always-on connections at last.