TaskPaper in WZ-Editor


When TaskPaper is said simply, it is a ToDo memo and is the software of hogbaysoftoware.


WZ Editor is a Japanese editor that has powerful macro function for Windows.



Taskpaper is also a tool of GTD (Getting Things Done) used by Life Hack. It has realized by adding tags nicely to text  files. The simplicity  makes the usability.


Coloring for TaskPaper improves the visualization in WZ Editor. The screen image is as follows. In order to perform this, coloring and outline need to be set up. 

Please copy the following portions (putting into a clipboard) and import in a classification-by-color style.

reword(use=1;rgb="0x800000";atr=1;re=1): ^.+:\s*$
reword(use=1;rgb="0x008000";atr=0;re=1): @[A-Za-z0-9_]\+
reword(use=1;rgb="0x8080FF";atr=0;re=1): .*\s+@[Dd]one(\s*$|\(.+\)\s*$|\s+@project\(.+\)\s*$)
reword(use=1;rgb="0xFF0000";atr=0;re=1): .*\s+@[Tt]oday
reword(use=1;rgb="0x008000";atr=0;re=1): ^\s*[-+]\s+


A setup of outline

The set up of outline  makes Task in outline view.


Select "Outline" -> "Outline Relation Setting"

Outline Setting

Outline Setting is the followings.

In addition, set  the character coloring for the caption off or this coloring becomes effective and tag coloring becomes ineffective. 

A setup of a document

When Taskpaper documents are set up and it is recognized automatically,  the file is opened by double clicks, . An extension is ".taskpaper"

Set Editor Type as "TaskPaper"

Add  ".TaskPaper" Extension to"TaskPaper"

Use of a TXC macro

It requires TXC Macro to get more function. (TXC macro is not compatible with Text-C in WZ Editor Ver.6)


Please put * . txc even into a macro folder. And the installation will be finished when the macros are opened and compiled. It is not installed when any error come out after compile.


Whether it is installed perfectly should input the installed the macro as a command.


Select "Tool" -> "Command"


If the command is executed, it is installed.

Key Bind

If a macro check of operation can be performed, the key bind of them will be carried out

Costmize Key

A setup of a key bind can be performed by a "tool" > "customize" > "key". Although the key
bind depends on you, it is set up as follows as an example.

TagWithDone -> Ctr+Shift+D
ArchiveDoneTask -> Ctr+Shift+A

Kei Bind

Now, a tag is attached or an archive is possible with key operation.


I appreciate hogbaysoftoware which considered the text format which can be used like this.

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