Shell Button


Shell Button is a simple program to assign some shell commands to a button. When clicking the button, the shell commands assigned to the button are executed. (download here)

Button Panel

Command Setting

Select menu "Setting" -> "Configure" and the setting item appears under the buttons.


Additional PATH: Set PATHs to add the environment variable PATH

Use icobv:Check this button for converting the result of commands by iconv. iconv is installed into OS X from Panther. (/tmp/ShellButton.src and /tmp/ShellButton.dst are used as temporary files)

Name: Specifies the string to be displayed on the button.

Command: Set shell commands for the button. You can specify multiple lines of shell command.

8 buttons are available.

After the setting, press "Apply" button and the setting is set.

Result of Command

When you want to see the results of the command, Select menu "Setting" -> "Show Result" and the results are displayed.


When checking "Show after exectution", the result will show up after the command execution.

When checking "Append", the result will be added after the previous result. Otherwise, each execution clears the previous result.

The result is stored within the software, so that, appending the results for long time is not recommended.


Mar 22, 2010 Ver 0.8 Added iconv setting and the result show-up

Jan 26, 2010 Ver 0.7 Added Export and Import function of the Setting

May 25, 2009 First Release Ver 0.5