SweetPie is a user group of the people who continue using “Lisa” which possessed completed graphic user interface as a product for the first time , “AppleII” which supported the heyday of Apple and “Macintosh” called “old Mac” now.

However, it is not confined to only “Apple” and “Mac” that we use. We are a group to walk with wonderful machines such as NeXT, Be, Pilot, Sony PalmTop without using “times delay”. A letterzine of “Annie’sLetter” which Annoura-san of published at the end of 1991 is an opening of SweetPie. From No9, SweetPie started as a user group happily and became a user group of apple official recognition . Annie’s Letter is suspending publication now.

This website inhabits the iMac top currently. It may be Annoura-san’s hobby to use iMac . But you think that iMac has enough specifications to a simple server, don’t you.

Annie's Craft Logo

The logotype of Annies Craft selected as the Star Festival of 2000 is below.

Annies Craft Logo