I found the good site when I checked the dead link of this site.
For nothing, the inside of a site was checked and the output of the result is summarized well.



No matter how quick it is, 1.9 TB of data was copied by rsync over about 15 hours. Since the source data by FW800, it is hinderingB

And I reconstructed the DB of iPhoto over about 4 hours.Since I uses from the first iPhoto and it seems that the garbage file and the directory remain with changes of directory composition, it is the reconstruction after deleting them.

iPhoto Folder

Since the defult icon of the Thunderbolt drive has no marking, it is boring.

Thunderbolt Drive Icon

Then, I have been found the icon.



I picked up new HDD at convenience store.

Western Digital My Book 4TB Thunderbolt Duo

Instantly, I took the benchmark.

Bench Mark Thunderbolt

It is the measurement result, if sequential, it is 300MB/sec exceeded?
Since it is a kind of simple measurement, it is only as a guide. But It was well worth to pay good money for it.

And it seems that the site of Xbench was closed before I knew. Belatedly, I contributed $10.


Since HDD was out of condition, I ordered the HDD of Thunderbolt of Western Digital was ordered.
At Amazon, the price is down to 42,800 yen. Now, I have to defer the purchase New iPod touch.

Without the cable's being attachment, it was a stockout, when I tried to have bought it at Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama. I have heard that there was no enough production of Apple
I has bought it at Yodobashi Camera in Ueno.
Even so, 4480 yen is expensive. It is the price equivalent to 500 GB of HDD.
Although I wanted 1 m, since Apple is making only 2 m, I want it to also improve it,

Thunderbolt Cable


Were new iPhone and iPod released?
I will consider to purchase by reference to reviews and etc.


An interesting compact digital camera, DSC-RX1 comes out.
Since it is not a lens exchange type, the user having another brand single lens reflex camera can chooses it.
The only thing that matters is the price, 250,000 yen.
I hope that the price will be reduced to 150,000 yen.