I came to Oise-sann. My pourpose is Ise-noodle and the craft beer of Isekakuta beer.

Ise Station

I came to Ise Shirine without the preparation and I found thet they have Geku near the Ise station and Naiku far from the sation.

I found Ise-noodle shop and I had Ise-noodle when I went outside. It is not chewy but sauce is good. I like it.

Ise Udon

The mood of approach in Naiku is good. I imagine that there is a joyous mood like this from Edo Period.

I bgouht and had food in a festival mood.

I have visitted, so the next is beer. I have beer and oyster fly.

Beer and Oyster Fly.

I wanted to drink one more beer, I took out and had it at the riverside . It was cold but good.

beer at the riverside.

I found delicious-looking rice dumpling when I was walking in the approach and I had it also.

rice dumpling

I wanted to buy some souvenirs near the station but there are a little souvenir shop.

I came to Yokkaichi after about 30 years. near station.

Since I had something to do, I went to the Internet cafe.
It is a kind Internet cafe and they choose a course to be the lowest price for the actual stay.

Net Cafe in Yokkaichi

I had supper in Okinawan restaurant.

Spitted cutlet

But I had spitted cutlets. Of course, Alcohol was awamori.

Spitted cutlet