Printopia, it is very useful.
It is made by the company which was making iUSB Cam.
Data can be taken out also to Dropbox and Evernote.




The sea in Makuhari to which I came after a long time.
Although I was coming 1 time or more per year a long time ago, since MacExpo was also lost and the attractive show also decreased, I was not coming at all.

The sea in Makuhari


The equipment for an optical telephone was received.
The telephone of the house seldom used was carried out to the optical telephone.
At the time of a disaster, it maybe become impossible to use ...

Optical Terephon Router


An Information of the bundle of a discount came also from Macupdate Promo.
There was no interesting software for me.



An information of the discnout bundle came from a place that I have never heard.
Since I wished to upgrade Rapidweaver, I paid it.
I expects Printopia also It can use by iPod touch etc.and I will try MacJurnal this time.