I upgraded to Mountain Lion.
The reason is that my iPhoto is out of condition.
after upgrading iPhoto corresponding to Mountain Lion,
It will remain accessing HDD if it is neglected for about one day.
Although upgraded, the condition does not change.

Mountain Lion


I bought something by the private import.

Private Import Package

Since I would like to try the steady double-edged razor holder, I ordered things under a strong yen. Since the mailing cost is required, I asked for other things together.

Shaving Goods


In the beginning, I thought to buy the famous 34C made by MERKUR but Amazon US can not export it. I found another shop that can export their merchandise. It is ClassicShaving.com.
It is Butterfly Open 80 R Heavyweight Safety Razor made by Parker when I investigates although the name is exaggerated.

Parker 80R


I bought the tablet pens additionally. The price is 150 yen per piece. Although plating is cheap, it can use ordinarily.I think that these products is probably made from a side job aside from a regular manufacture request in China.

Tablet Pens


I came to Sendai after a long time.
The purposes are a rock oyster and a beef tongue.
I have used 18-kippu.

Sendai Station

I was reached and surprised.
It is heavy rain.
Since It was made the thing which is a passing rain and I wait until the rain eases off.

Rainy Sendai

I was mistaken in a passage and I arrived somehow, Kakiya.
Although the store is small, oysters are eaten at a reasonable price.


And it is a ox tongue.
Since the store of the ox tongue is taking out unlike the ox tongue skewer of the stall of a festival, it is delicious.
It is eaten without ranking with it.

Ox Tongue

Although I thought to return, the train is behind by heavy rain.
The Connection of the train of this point is not likely to work in case of this, either.
Since it is unavoidable, I am get carried back to Utsunomiya by the Shinkansen.

I leaped to Utsunomiya and ate meat and vegetable dumplings.
and Fried gyoze.Although it was delicious, I thought that it was good with ordinary meat and vegetable dumplings.

Fried gyoze

Normal Gyoze