I bought Mac mini. it is the correct answer to remove the optical drive.
In that housing, it is filled with heat and the drive will become out of condition just for a moment for one year. Of course, I exchange the memory to 8GB.

Memory of Mac mini

Since the size is different from old Mac mini, must a desk rack also be remade?

Desk Rack


This time, I came to Yokokawa by train. It is Usui Touge Bunkamura. I expected is to see the contents but the main contents of the old trains. There are on display in the history of the Usui Touge.

Usui Touge Bunkamura


I bought a tripod and an attachment for Ustream using with iPod.

Tripod and Attachment


I came to Nagano by bicycle again. From Karuizawa to Nagano station, the distance is too far. And it was too hot to die.