I rode a train for the first time. It was the Moonlight Shinshu. Many climbers got on it.

Moonlight Shinsyu


The Yoro Falls in Chiba. Not much people.

Yoro Falls in Chiba

I wanted to come, It is Ino Tadataka Memorial. No matter the age, to study is a wonderful thing.

Ino Tadataka Memorial

Also I wanted to come, it is Inbatanuma windmill.

Inbatanuma Wind Mill


‚hwas looking for a sftp client software for iPad and tried some software, then I choose Super Files Full Version.

Super Files

First, because I wanted simple one, I bought QuickFTP for 250 yen but it was not able to connect to a server. it is almost scams.


Next, I tried iStorage. The price is 500 yen As the sftp feature is enough, and I try to copy the image of the RAW + JPEG, it would copy the one of RAW. Also, I choose and copy a photo of a standard photo app, jpeg image is copied but the file name contains spaces.


And now, I choose the Full Version of Super Files that supports multiple files uploading. Super Files Lite can not upload multiple files. In addition, the nice thing about Super Files are adding the creating date of the file when uploading.

Then, for any software, if you deny access to the location information of the photo, the software will no longer have access to the Photo Library, you can not upload your photos .


CS4 Web Standard was not moved to new Mac mini correctly, the software pressed re-install.
But re-install did not work correctly. I have heard that Java VM installation is needed fro Adobe Software on Lion and I installed it but it did not work@as ever.

And I cleaned CS4 and the trial Of CS5 using with Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool and I can re-install CS4.



I made a script to display on Web Page and Twitter. The name is Swetty.js. Please try it.