iPod touch arrived. I did not choose Android but iPod touch in view of the value-for-money sense.

iPod touch 4

I chose the jacket made by same manufacture that I used. The frame of iPod touch 4 is thinner than iPod touch 3's one. So the filme interferes in the jacket and I cut it little.

iPod touch 4 jacket


I bought tools for opeinig iPod tuch. I thought that some manual was included but it is not and I looked for the operation by Web. The tool became out of work soon. I tried to open the attached pick but I hooked LCD and LCD was cracked. I felt to get senile.

iPod Openner

The rubber around the cover glass also became bad, I dicided to stop the repaire it because it needs more 1,000 en but it has no guaranty of fixing WiFi Problem.

However, I feel down when what carried about for a long time is destroyed.
I am worrying about whether choosing Android or iPod touch 4 now.


The protect film of iPod touch 3rd a. Even now, the film for iPod touch 3rd is available but I tried to buy the film for iPod touch 4th because it is wide. It is little longe and thinner than 3rd's one. I cut 0.5mm of the top.

Scratch on Cover Glass

However, it was flooded, and the bristletail has gone out to the backlight though I wiped lightly with water when I put the film. It was careless.
It returned to the origin when drying. WiFi botton became the grayout just as I was relieved. I decided to be resolved because the cost of the repair is almost same as the new one.


Today, I came to Yokosuka Art Museum but can not connect WiMax. This are is a back-country where I can connect willcom at limeted area.


I come to Nagano. I tried to use WiMAX but the connectibility is not good in a Hotel near Nagano Station. Also, in a restaurant near the station, I was not able to connect to WiMAX. The area is available according to the area map of WiMAX but it vulnerable to the wall of building.

Zenko Temple


I subscribed to nifty WiMAX. Because the access point of WiFi increase lower than I thought and the communication might be not steady, I think that I try WiMAX for one year.