I told the lens image of Four Thirds Site is wrong and they fixed it and sent e-mail of thanks. I feel something good.


I have gone at the Thanksgiving of Fotopus of Olympus. Many people had already queued when I had arrived earlier than I thought.@Some peple seem to aim the outlet.

I saw two stages of the presentation and I was satified..

hanksgiving of Fotopus

Moreover, I got the souvenir of the japanese-style confection. I think to come again.

Fotopus Souvenir

Shirasu Old House, I went to Buaisou. The japanese house is a good atmosphere. But 1,000 yen is higher admission fee.



I have ordered Olympus E-5 at last.
Because I did not amass the point Olympus at all , I amassed about 5000 points in a hurry, and I ordered it including the discount privilege. The price became about 165000 yen.
If I have is fully a point, the price become under 150,000 yen. It is regrettable.
Originally, I had not any plan to buy a new product in an online shop of Olympus but I have waited for E-5 has and might want to assist in Olympus and I purchased it.



I went to Olympus Plaza for seening Olympus E-5. D7000's announcement makes E-5 a weak presence, no presence but I want to touch it. It has too many features than E-1.

Olympus Plaza


Today, I tried the last attempt, the replacement of HDD on Macmini. It is the upgrade from 5400rpm 120GB to 7200rpm 320GB.

1T 7200rpm 320GB

The result is very faster than old HDD.


Today, I tried Raid0 with 1TBx2 that I had wanted to try.

1TB 7200rpm RAID0

In the result, it became little faster.


I moved the data from old HDD using Drive Genius 3. I set the verify function and it said to need 5 hours for about 300GB transfer. Bit it actually took 10 hours.


I bought a lot of HDD. I postponed the purchase of new Macmini and enforce HDD of my Macmini.

A lot of HDD

It is the first time that I buy HDD made by Western Digital. The price of 2TGB is about 8,500 yen.


I measured it using SATA->IDE converter in TeraBOX. The speed is little faster than 7200rpm even though it is 5400rpm. Is it the power of 667MB platter? Incidentally, The score of Hitachi 7200rpm 1TB was 46.46.



I went to the regular meeting of Android in Japan. The topic of the meeting is electronic book and the lawsuit of Android by Oracle.

Rikkyo University

I have read electronic books from Palm Pilot and it is more ten years ago isn't it. Comic apparently make up 80% of electronic book market in Japan.

I found the cause of the extended 30GB. 2 images of VMWare has gone.The cause of vanished data still unaccountable.


It is also a strong yen, I upgraded Drive Genius to Ver3.

Drive Genius 3


Since my HDD had a problem, I restored it from Time Machine, 30GB free space also increased. It is a mystery.

I bought a small video camera. It is 4380 en. It is for cycling. The type of 640x480 is cheaper but I bought the type of 720x480. Also, 12 million pixels, the price is almost twice and I do not need such a resolution and I choose the resolution same as DVD.

Gekiten GE-VC005

I used it but it did not work with microSD/microSDHC that I had. It became freeze, I thought it become broken but I bought new one and tried it. It worked. And I formatted bad microSDHC by Windows XP. It recognized bad microSDHC.

In the first place, it is problem that OSX makes EFI partition when formatting FAT32 but the camera could not recognize the media that is formatted Linux or WIndows7.It has strange behavior in recognizing FAT.

This camera works as WEB camera but there is not any driver for OSX. I will try to use it when I have a chance.


I upgraded to new FileSalvage. Until now, I use it only one or two times, just in case I upgraded.

File Salvage