It is a reflex camera after long time. I bought E-1 in 2005 and it is for the first time in five years under reflex camera.
Under digital camare, I bought a digital camera in 2007 and and it is for the first time in three years.

Olympus E-5

Compared with the E-1, E-5 becomes larger.

E-5 and E-1


This site is useful to make the background.

Bg Pattern



Purlieu pub, I can get FON network and Lucy.


I came to the Little Prince Museum. Very enjoyable. it is recommended.

he Little Prince Museum



I bought 600 times CompactFlash. It is a preparation for upcoming E-5.
I try to use it with E-1 and rapid writing is good all in all.
The meanings of 600 times is comparing with the transfer rate of CD. 150KB x 600 = 90MB understanding!

600x Compact Flash


I came to the coedo beer festival. I thought to go when it was hold on the site at the factory but I cannot. It is too busy to buy food. Many people were in a line.

Coed Beer Festival


I made a successful bid for the lens by the auction because I wanted to have the lens of YASHINON. I used and it is good for the image quality.
It is difficult to get a sharp focus because it is slow lens dark.

YASHICA MC 35-70mm


I came to oktoberfest. It is lively. I can not take plenty of time for beer.

Oktoberfest 2010


I came to Rikugi-en Garden. The repose might be better though the entrance fee 300 yen that are 100 yen higher than Shinjuku Imperial Garden. I liked it.

Rikugi-en Garden

I came to grandma's Harajuku, Sugamo shopping street. It is very lively. It is feeling of very lively shopping street though I thought the grandma version of Harajuku.

Sugamo Shopping Street