I came to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. As I thought, the water tank is very large.

Big Water Tank

It is Nakajin Castle site. I enjoyed taking exploration feelings.

Nakajin Castle Site

I came back to Haneda. I regret that I could not go to the Tower of Himeyuri and could not have Hamburger at A&W. I have to go again.

Haneda Airport


Today, I am cycling. The sea is beautiful.

Okinawa Sea Side


Today, I am cycling in the rain Oku-Yanbaru.



It is Haneda Airport. I came by Kei not by VIA YCAT due to APEC. We can found the alert everywhere.

Haneda Airport

It's OKinawa and my first trip for Okinawa.

Naha Airport

I rent a car and came to Shuri Castle. Unfortunately the right half is under refit.

Shuri Castle

I return the rental car and came to Orion beer factory. Of course, it is a factory tour.

Orion bear factory

They served 2 cups of beer for tasting.

Tasting Beer


I came to the Little Prince Parking Area. It is like a theme park.

the Little Prince Parking Area