I was out at work, I came to Apple Store Ginza store on the way home. A lot of people ware waiting for the receipt of reserved iPad.

Front of Apple Store Ginza

In Store of Apple Store

Home after a while, I received iPad.


I have not yet found a good case for iPad and I chose a simple bag as expedient.

iPad bag

Incidentally, I bought a cases for Walkman. I bought it six months ago and I did not use it because I could not find any good case.

Walkman Case


I came to Umaya No Syokutaku that I want to come before. They use local ingredient and the taste is good. The shop has a feeling of calm.

Umaya No Syokutaku


Umaya No Syokutaku Food


I went to OKTOBER FEST in Hibiya. There were some available seets before 12:00.

Oktober Fest

Oktober Fest

On the way home, I went to Japone that I was intarested in when I saw before. It was also crawded.


The price of spaghetti is from 500 yen. The shop has Showa mood and I like it. I want to try all of the menu.

Japone Spagetti


I went to JJUG CCC. The topic that I wanted to hear is HTML5.



I have some knowledge about HTML5 but it was good for me to hear the summarized contents of HTML5.

CCC continued until over 8:00 pm, On the way home, I found people who was training in Yoyogi Park Athletic Field. I was touched by their effort.

Yoyogi Park Athletic Field

I bought a book about HTML5 after had drunk at my accustomed pub in Shibuya.

HTML5 Book


I went to the Thai Festival. It was too crowded.

Thai Festival

Thai Festival Stage

There was Phuket beer and I tried it. it was good.

Phuket beer

Phuket beer

I ate green curry. It was good ginger taste. Thai rice was also good.

Green Curry

I also drunk Chang Beer. The taste was light.

Chang Beer


After a long, I walked in the summit park. So I am looking forward to have a larger work.

Summit Park

I also entered in Naka library.

Naka library

The building that did not contain any tenant will be renovated.

Bay Town

I bought the POCKETRACK made by YAMAHA. CUBASE AI is bundle to it, I thought it better than buying CUBASE ESSENTIAL.

PockeTrack C24

However, the installation of CUBASE AI to Snow Leopard require a patch. The installation did not finish forever even after hitting the patches.

I went to Yodobashi Camera in night , the book of iPad was preparing.

Book Of iPad


I and ate Pote Kal that I bought in Ebisu Beer Memorial hall yesterday. Chips are really light.

Pote Kal


Today had a holiday company and I came Kyocera service station.

Kyocera SrviceStation

I came to pick Tesser whose lens cleaning came over up. The repair cost was 19,000 yen.

Tesser 45mm

I thought that just go home but I became to want to go to the Yebisu beer museum during the week.

Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall

It likes in a newly refurbished and the atmosphere changed.

I drunk a new product, Creamy Top.

Tasting will be buying a Yebisu Coin. A Glass is 400 yen.

Yebisu Coin

I just want to go home, so I entered the oyster bar I wanted to enter before because it was not clouded.

Oyster Bar

Incidentally, I went to the Tokyo Museum of Photography. I first went to the Tokyo Museum of Photography, before Yebisu Garden Place was established, they had an exhibition in prefabricated buildings. Already talking about more than 20 years ago.

Tokyo Museum of Photograph


I came to Kamakura. A lot of people can come at any time.

Guardian Dog

Sacred tree fallen this year was promoted the rebirth.

Sacred Tree

This is the first sea in this year.

First Sea in This Year

The souvenir was Hato Sabre.

Hato Sabre


I rewritten an old application that made with RealBasic for Cocoa . Recently no one seems to use thumbnail generators but I rewrote it for personal use.

myPorkChop Icon


I got handmade soap from my friends and I bought soap dish. I use liquid soap usually.

Soap Dish

Soap Dish

I made a headphones holder that was in my mind under the desk.

Headphone Holder