I Fixed a bug, I have found myself using.



I came to Bridge House. for MOSA seminar.



It's Zenko temple, after long time. The loof is dusted with snow.It is scenery that cannot be seen often in Tokyo.

Zenko temple

One troublesome thing is that there in no electronics retail stores in the vicinity of the station. I was not found micro USB cable for PHS though I looked for it. So that way, I entered WILLCOM shop and ask it and it has run out of the stock but they had accessory one and give it me if I want. It was a moment that I had come to like WILLCOM very much.

Micro USB Cable


The sale date of OLYMPUS ZX-1 is announced. Immediately, I have reserved it. Because FinePix F31d begins to be half-broken. it is the time to purchase new one. However, is the size slightly large?



I went to Android Bazaar and Conference 2011 Winter. It was my first visit to Yasuda Auditorium. It was full of people.

Android Bazaar and Conference



The abolition ink tank was washed because the abolition ink tank became full, and the error began to appear when the New Year's card was printed last year. Only the felt was removed and it was washed because it was difficult to take out all units.

Ink Felt

I removed the film that was put on a part in the upper part of the felt. When having printed while it was opened, the cover should be applied so as not to make the turn dirty because ink's being sprayed on the felt considerably strongly though I had no idea whether it was necessary to put it again. I covered with some masking tape.

Ink Felt


Mac App Store came out, I tried to upgrade iPhoto. I use only iPhoto in iLife. it is nice to upgrade a single software.

iPhoto 11


It visits a shrine on New Year's Day. Every year, it is Meiji Jingu. It was easy to walk because the hedge was made in the place where the money offering is thrown out, and the traffic was controlled this year.

Shrine on New Year's Day


A Happy New Year. Thank you again this year.

A Happy New Year

The Osechi of the year. Every year, I order Osechi same shop and it is delicious. Zoni is made with White Miso.