Moreover, I came to Nagano. The purpose is a walk and the test of XZ-1.

I came to Zenkoji Temple to pay a visit to a shrine.

Zenko Temple

I come to Shiroyama zoo after a long time, and there are few people as usual.

Shiroyama Zoo

I entered the Higashiyama Kaii museum. The remaining snow in the courtyard is good view.

Kaii Museum

It is Nagano Grand Cinemas that I wanted to enter before.
The lobby is comfortable in the open ceiling and it is wonderful. There is the set of beer & fried chicken and it is also wonderful.

Nagano Grand Cinemas

I ate the Shinshu Pork for supper. It is easy to take the photograph of food because there is a macro-function of XZ-1. However, it seems to have to examine the custom setting somewhere because it needs two action to change.

Shinshu Pork


XZ-1 has arrived. When I went to Akihabara, I was looking for a protect filem of LCD, I was not able to find it in Yodobashi Camare. Then, I bought it at Sofmap.



Finally, OSX supports Olympus E-5. It became a level of unquestionable though the color balance ware broken from now.

E5 Support


I went out to CP + again because there was FotoPus Thanksgiving though it was not scheduled to go to CP + today.

CP+ 2011

As a gift, they gave us camera cloth by affixing a stamp in the hall of CP + though the FotoPus Thanksgiving is held in world Porters different from the hall of CP +.

FotoPus Room

The equipment parts exhibition of Olympus was hold in CP +, In FotoPus Thanksgiving Day, there is no exhibition and I thought that it the user event for Olympus camera.

These are booties.

The booties


I has gone to CP + hold in the vicinity. It was very crowded.

Olympus Booth

The free seminar that I had wanted to see was not able to see even the standing seeing by overcapacity. So I saw the seminar of the next room. It was good study.

CP+ Seminar

When the camera industry becomes popular, It is good.


I came to Winter Hanamaki. by night highway bus, I arrived before 6:00. Of course, it was dark.

Hanamaki Station

It is the British coast that I came to every time. Color balance was corrupted and the bluish color photo is fantastic.

British Coast

The number of Kamaishi line seems to come down and I decided to head to the museum Kenji Miyazawa by bus. Until then, I waited in the waiting room the station. Snowy station waiting room has own mood, I like it.

Hanamaki Station

I arrived before 8 o'clock, until the opening of 8:30, I walk the mountain path. There was no other people.

Snowy Mountain Path

Since it opened, I entered, I was only one visitor.

Miyazaki Kenji Memorial House

I always come through Polan Square, closed the path because of snow at most, I was taking the long way to come to Ihatov house.

Ihatov house

I had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the time.


I also went to the school of Kenji and there was not other people.

School Of Kenji

By bus, I went back to Hanamaki station back and moved to Morioka by train. And I came to Kogen-sha for buying walnut cookies.


I went to Cross Terrace that I want to came before. I became to like there because there are goods shops and special local product.

Cross Terrace

By bus, I came to Koiwai Farm. However, I did not go to the venue of the Snow Festival, I came to see the lonely cherry blossom.

Ippon Zakura

I arrived the venue and had the mutton and beer. When I came here in summer came, so I rode bike, I did not drink beer.

Mutton Barbecue

I also joined star watching so they put on it had astronomical. I entered the observatory, it is the first time for me. I saw Orion Nebula using with old manual telescope.


It is long-awaited fireworks.