I bought new PHS. It is not smartphone but mobile wallet.

Premium Bar

I went to the fireworks festival in Kanazawa.

Kanazawa Firework

It is also seen in the town and it is a good sight.

Kanazawa Firework


Held over soon, I went to the exhibition of Bruegel block print that was held over soon.


There are quite a lot of prints, and I could not digest them. I want the half of the contents and half entrance fee.

On the way home, I passed in front of HMV that closed. The moon was beautiful.



I came to Kamiya-Bar that I wanted to come to since I went to Chateau Kamiya.

Kamiya Bar

It seems like a cheap bar of deep Showa-mood.

Beer and Denki Bran


After long time, I came to Hanamaki. My purpose is cycling.


I checked in the Hotel and tested the wireless device. I was able to connect Internet easiliy. I enjoyed to check the spot using with iPad on the bed.