Although I thought to buy a new Mac mini, I decided to upgrade of Snow Leopard only.
My iLife is still 08. It is only a problem that USB does not work as 2.0 now.

Snow Leopard

I bought the photo frame of Sony also. Even the inner box is absorbed in the present. The finish is also beautiful. Although it is a present to my mother, it is recommendation for presents.

S Frame


It is the morning England Coast.

England Coast

It is the beer leisurely.

Beer at England Coast

But there are very many cars. Just as someone thought, is that the England Coast can see by dam release the aim?

Car at England Coast

The rock surface had not come out, so that I considered.

England Coast

I took Kamaishi Line in order to go to the Kenji memorial hall. Although the bus is more useful, I wanted to ride on the local line after a long time.

Kamaishi Line

But there were very many people.

I arrive at the Kenji Miyazawa memorial hall, and it is the early luncheon on wildcat eaves.


The cat is in the entry.

Tamaneko at Entrance

Since the prices were reasonable, 650 yen, I ordered the risotto.

Japanese Risott

I was also able to enjoy the microbrewing of Tono.

Tono Beer

Although I went into the Kenji memorial hall, there are many people. I cannot go around calmly.

Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall

They were also carrying out the display by old iMac. It has been working from before. Surely, it must have been the software of Mac OS9.

Old iMac

The Kenji fairy tale hall also has very many people.

Miyazawa Kenji Fairy Tale Hall

I returned by bus on my way back and went to the England Coast again.

After all, It have not exposed the rock surface so much.

England Coast

I came to the Kenji festival. The fisrt part is early from 15:00 this year. It seems to be the performance of the people in WEB who did the participating application.

Kenji Festival Part 1

At the same time since I wanted to eat the ten-step soft ice cream, I escaped on the way, I carried out, and came to Maruken.
It is the ten-step soft ice cream.

Ten Steps Soft Ice Cream

Since there were no Korean-style buckwheat noodles, I choose Jaja noodles. It was delicious.

Jaja Noodle

It is the customary deer dance every year.

Deer Dance

Part II finishes and part III is the round-table talk. I looked into just for a moment, and returned.

Round Table Talk

Since it became dark, the candle of the star transition is beautiful.

Star Transition


It is the wine festival today. It is the walk till 10:00 out of which the bus comes.

It is the walk around the ruins of Hanamaki castle. It is scenic.

View From Hanamaki Castle

I take the pick-up bus from the station front and am going to the site.

Bus To Wine Festival

It is the main hall of the wine festival. In addition, there are the events in the various places.

Main Stage

Each time, there are many people. Where is the recession.

Crowd of Festival

For the time being, I bought much wine and had them shipped.
They have the online shop but I can also buy what is not being treated and the sold-out thing in the online shop in the real shop.

It is the wine before filtering. White, Rose, and these are delicious.

White Wine

Rose Wine

It is the customary wine girl's grape-stomping. Although it is said that they make the wine from the grape stepped on, where can I drink?

Wine Girl

I had the platinum pig also. It usually delicious but I don't know what is the specialty of the platinum pig.

Platinum Pig

This time, I also challenged the stamp rally. Being able to choose the premium, I choose the soft ice cream. It was delicious.

Soft Cream

I return to the city area of Hanakaki and
after the long time, for the first time in the about ten years. I had "Takagonmen". The thick source and narrow nodles were delicious. These days, as the store hours changed, It is from 11:00 to 17:00.


The high school student was holding flower music fiesta by their own.

Flower Music Fest 2009

It is the closing ceremony. The staff greeted one by one. It is good touch.

Stuff Greeting

I came to the "Ginga mall" made last year. It is the ordinary suburbs type shopping mall.
Since the souvenir of Iwate is also sold, I think whether it is also good to drop in given the opportunity of the drive.

Ginga Mall



After a long time, I wanted to come to walk Morioka leisurely and I went to Morioka by night bus. Since it did not reach even if the arrival time came, when coming out to the drive-in, it was still the Miyagi area.

Drive In Map

I reached at last. 2 hours late. This is the first time that I was late like this. Are people wholly intent on the silver week?

Morioka Station

First of all, I decided to take a walk to Morioka Hachiman given the opportunity of the walk.

Cross Terrace which I want to enter is opening at the October 1st.

Cross Terrace


There was Kenji's well near Morioka ruins of a castle. Since there were some persons who have drawn the water, is It used usually?

Kenji's Well


Since it seemed that there was Nitobeinazo's parents' home when I walked to a little more, I walked.
There was no house and it had already become the little park. It is the town with many historic relics.

Nitobe Inazo Birth Place

It is the Bank of Iwate (old Morioka bank) old head office main building , It is profound. It is said that Kingo Tatsuno, the same designer as the red brick station building of the Tokyo station designed.

Iwate Bank

It is Morioka Yawata. It is large. When I came before, there were many persons by archery on horseback.

Morioka Hachiman Shrine Gate

Morioka Hachiman

I think that I will go to the microbrewing workshop located in Kamimorioka from here .

I found an unusual historic relics called the "Okan grave"

Okan no Haka


I reached the microbrewing workshop.

Bearen Beer Brewary


People can also see the inside.

Preparation Caldron

The microbrewing offered the one kind from tap beer , and I was able to drink tap beer.

Tap Bearen Beer

They sell other kinds by the bottle.

Bottled Bearen Beer

Although the meal was not served, they sell the beef jerky which becomes nibblies. They say that food is carrying-in freedom

Beef Jerky

I had coffee at Kougensya that is the publishing house of the restaurant with many orders.



It is the store through which good time is flowing.

Coffee and Cookie

Since I got hungrythe after walking, I had cooled Jaja noodles. It was not good.

Cooled Jaja Noodle

I have gone up because there was a view floor in the building near the station.

Marios View Floor

Morioka can be commanded.

View Of Morioka

I Arrived in Hanamaki.

Hanamaki Station

I put my luggage at the hotel, I came to England coast. Another, I comes about 10 times.

England Coast

Sunset is beautiful.

Sanset Of England Coast

I drank beer that I bought Today.

Bearen Beer at England Coast

I had a dinner was in the home of wanko soba noodles, Yabuya


I ordered for the tempura soba and the soda pop that Kenji Miyazawa was often eating. Although there must have been no such advertisement when I came before.

Tempura Soba and Soda

But is is unsuitable. I surely think more that there was the taste of the mineral spring in the soda pop a long time ago.


Nebuta lantern floats were in Shibuya. It seems to go round the center gai.



Was new Walkman announced when I found the tool, JSymphonic which can carry out data transfer to Sony Walkman also from Linux or Mac ? It is Drac and drops correspondence.



Now, it should be able to use by Mac in comfort. Although the character code is anxious.

After a long time, I bought a CD of Blues Springsteen. Since it was being unable to procure for the two months by the Amazon, I bought it immediately when I found it nearby Tower Record.


Finally I entered A Grand Exposition for Yokohamafs 150th Year. There were a few people.

Inside Y+150

I saw La Machine at close quarters.

La Machine

Nissan Pavilion, I saw the electric car, I most did not work. I was disappointed at it.

Nissan Electric Car

The night rate, 1200 yen is reasonable, but normal fee, 2400 yen is expensive.


New iPod comes out ,does't it. I wanted GPS and a camera function of iPod Touch. Storefront display which was being done when going to Yodobashi Camera on the next day.

New iPod Release


Any shop treating with the ink of WATERMAN was not found although I realized that the ink of the fountain pen goes out during the travel.
Then, when I bought the thing of MONT BLANC which the topology resembles and it was tried, it became clear that I could use it.

Mont Blanc WaterMan

Although it seems that it is not suitable for the long-term using, I can use for the urgent correspondence.

Speaking of Nagano which I went to travel, the rice with vegetables and meat is famous, and it is the authentic Japanese style and aroma diffuser using the lid of the rice with vegetables and meat.

The Lid Of KamaMeshi

But I only turned it over and placed. It is splendid aroma diffuser now.

Aroma Diffuser


Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku has been redesigned so, I've been there. Compare this with the renewal of Shibuya, so no major changes so I thought.

Hand Shinjyuku Renewal