New Mac are released as I've heard.


The server version of Mac mini is good at having no optical-drive.


I have an itch to buy new Mac Book.



I came this year, Kawagoe festival.

Kawagoe Festival

Of course, the goal is beer. I can drink draft beer.

Coedo Beer


I Came to the town I was born.

Yamashina Station

As always,I had a rest in Mr.Doughnuts.

Mr. Doughnuts


I went to Shonan Shopping mall FILl as I came near it on business.



Than I thought, it was big and fulfilling.


Is Oktoberfest. Still, a lot of people. I passed to enter it in this year.

October Fest 2009


I bought a business card stand as iPod Touch stand in 100 yen shop because so it looked like fitting iPod Touch.

Name Card Stand for iPod Touch


It is Apple Store Ginza after long time.

Apple Store Ginza

I bought new iPod Touch@about one month later.

iPod Touch 32G

Incidentally, I bought the jacket case,too.

iPod Touch Jacket Case

Until now, I have not have any iPod and it is my first iPod.


OpenProj, it is a open source project management software that can open files of MS Project. I thoght to modfy it for portable. In default configuration on Windows, the program is installed in the followinf directory

C:\Program Files\Serena Software Inc\OpenProj

Copy the OpenProje folder in its entirety to USB memory.
And modify the following class path in OpenProj1.4.0.ini.

Class Path=C:\Program Files\Serena Software Inc\OpenProj\...

If it is copied to X drive,

C:\Program Files\Serena Software Inc\ -> X:\

Changed to the above. All jar files path described in absolute path copied to.



I came to Koshigaya Laketown. When I came in the summer of last year, Aeon Lake Town was still under construction .
It is large enough to get tired from walking.

Aeon Lake Town

In the mall, it was very crowded but few people were outside.

I bought latches because the door latch of PC case is in trouble. I bout it from Monotaro.

Mini Latch S


Before, although there was the treatment only at the site for corporates, since it came to have dealt with it also at the consuming public-oriented site, I purchased it with the often-used article of consumption.
Since there were the two kinds of model numbers, I bought both kinds, but the latch part was the same.

When I compared old one with what was bought this time, as might be expected "Made In Japan", the finish is goog. The size was almost the same.

Mini Latch S

However, since the hook point of the fastener is different a little, when it is attached as it is,
the fraction of the hook will be pushed and the movement of the latch part will become hard. So, I shaved the hook.
Although it is what may remake the location of the hook with the putty, I think that the intensity to there is not needed.

The case of standalone PC which was able to be used is SONATA-BK(black) JAN:457122504032.

Attached Latch


It is Inokashira Park. I tried to enter "Iseya" that has atmosphere of Showa and I wanted to enter before.


A Yakitori is 80 yen, 320 yen for four, And draft beer is so 500 yen, I can get change with 1000 yen.

Yakitori of Iseya

Being done every year, it is the Mitaka forest@festival.
In this year, the weather was threatening but keeping no rain.

Mitaka Forest Festival

There were some local beer. Outdoor Beer is good.

Tazawa Lake Beer