I did private importation after a long time. A thing that I imported is a focusing screen for E-1.
Although the genuine focusing screens are also provided, since the split was not in them, I was looking for the focusing screen of the third party.

Is a famous company that makes original focusing screen KatzEye Optics?
Their focusing screen seems good but the price is high. It is high although it is the trend of the times of a strong yen.


Then, I purchased from the site name of forcusingscreen.com. The site name means things that the shop deals.
It seems that a company is located in Taiwan. The shop fabricates the focusing screen of the other company for every camera and sell them.


Although what processed the focusing screen of Minolta is sold at the Yahoo auction even in Japan, forcusingscreen.com deals cheaper one and their knowledge about a camera also seems to be higher.

Although I was checking that it camr into Japan by the end of yesterday, I thought whether to be delayed in a customhouse. However, the delivery was coming at the time of the absence on this evening. Since I cannot keep waiting, I have been to take to a post office instantly.

Package From Taipei

When it opened, even a set of tools and the film of focal adjustment were contained.

Screen Replacing Set

It is FSX for E-1 which I chose, and it has a split & micro prism. In a film-based camera, it was the typical focusing screen.

Since the screen of E-1 was small and it was hard to hold the level, then I chose Rule of Thirds, three division into equal parts grid.
The total cost was about 5000 yen. Since the price will exceed $70 if the focusing screen of Nikon or Canon was diverted, it is slightly high to try.

Focusing Screen

Since the rubber fingertips were also contained, I thought that the work becomes fairly serious work, since E-1 that supports user-replacing a focusing screen, it has finished easily to replace. I did not use the rubber fingertip.

Attached Screen

I did not use an adjustment film for the focus but it was satisfactory in particular. For the moment, there seems to be no problem about exposure. However, what if the center becomes dark when an iris diaphragm is stoped down, I did not test the exposure.


Today I came to the Shinjuku Imperial garden after a long time. I came to take photos of cherry with checking E-1 and Lenses.

Cherry Blossoms

There ware many picnickers. Many people brought alcoholic drinks even though the conduct is prohibited. For such occasions, the shop stops to sell alcoholic drinks. I want to blame such conduct.
I had a beer and is also a shop ”„Ranaku Thanks Unfortunately,.

Shinjyuku Gyoen


Today, I came to the Tamron. Because the old 28 - 200mm lens got moldy, and I came to ask to clean it. It is Quite old, so it needs judge by their factory.


Incidentally, I picked up E-1 at Olympus. The inspection and Rubber Grip replacement. The inspection results has no problem.

Rubber Grip Replacement

Rubber Grip replacement

The material cost of Rubber Grip was 1000 yen. For the total price of front and rear, 1,000 yen is reasonable.


I stroll down the red brick warehouse. The flower event was held.

Aka Renga Souko

But the purpose was Kua Aina's hamburger. I ordered Hawaiian Beer. It was a luxury lunch.

Kua Aina Hamburger

Kua Aina Hamburger


I came to TOC Minatomirai that had been made in Sakuragicho. It was very crowded, and I went up to the third floor and ran away.

TOC Minato Mirai


I come back to go get the mail, so there was a world heritage exhibition, I stopped at a press gallery. Display size is small, there was a lot of beautiful scenery.

The Best Of World Heritage

After that, I stopped because I had exhibited in Yokohama Civic Art Gallery. It is interesting that there are various exhibitions.

Civic Art Gallery


I came to the service station of Olympus to exchange the rubber grips of E-1. When it is only rubber's repapering, the work seems to cost 3000 yen. The fee become over 7000 yen because I asked to add the operation check. Still, I will use E-1.
E-1 to get to exchange Rabagurippu of Olympus came to the service station.’£Ri‘ÖE that only the rubber is about 3000 yen, so you also have to check after work, take a little bit like 7000 yen.

Olympus Plaza

I have updated Shell Button. It become to be able to convert character code by iconv.



In Yokohama, CP + had been held and I went partly for a walk.

CP+ 2010

It was not so crowded.

CP+ 2010

Olympus booth was flourishing.

Olympus Booth

They demonstrated their tough camera. I could not believe that it worked.

Tough Camera

I went to Sony's booth to see the mirror-less cameras but I could not see it up close.

Sony Booth

Mirror Less Camera

There are mocks made with foamed polystyrene, I felt it larger than I thought.

Mirror Less Camera Mock


I found a shop, Curry Udon noodles Senkichi that is specialty shop of Curry Udon noodles, I tried to enter it.

Curry Udon Senkichi

I chose the spicy curry noodles. It came with the rice for Zosui.


The noodles matched curry and it was really delicious.


Now, trendy non-alcoholic beer. Barbican had also been 0.000%. It has more beer taste with 100% wheat.



I thought that the sound of DIY PC fan was noisy.
The cause is the fan of removable HDD dock. I removed the dock and my PC became quiet now.


Today is the Festival of Dolls.I drunk a sweet sake.

Doll's Festival