I came to Kumagaya that is the hottest place in Japan.

Kumagaya Station

decided to come and to see a movie the beginning.

Cine Tiara

Having been impressed put into the plastic bag, when I bought popcorn. It is always difficult to pass a ticket at the entrance because I have a bag, popcorn, and beer.

Pop Corn

The seen movie is transformer. Although it is for children, it is made so that adults can also enjoy themselves.

And I walked along to Hoshikawa .


I like the town through which such rivers flow.

And it is Seikei-en.

Seikei en

It is a quiet and cool place. I was able to do vacantly.

It was not found although the place which the Kumagaya-jyuku microbrew can drink was looked for. Although the beer is often sold at the station in the place with microbrew, it is not found anywhere. The liquor store that sells the beer was too far from walking from the station.

Since there were also so-called Kumagaya Japanese noodles, I ate. It seems that the history of Kumagaya Japanese noodles is long.

Kuymagaya Udon

It begins to grind sesame seeds.For a narrow space, it is full-scale. By oneself, red peppers etc. is put in and the spice is made.Although the noodle has springy feeling, the body is lower than Sanuki. I would like to come to drink the Kumagaya-jyuku microbrew again.

Grinding Sesame Seeds


Since my examination carried out perfectly was not completed when there was no oscilloscope, I decided to purchase.
Although I worried about whether I will make it the cheap digital oscilloscope and the cheap Japanese-made digital oscilloscope, since brand-new oscilloscope made by Hitachi had come out for the 30,000 yen,
I have chosen it.


At having arrived, it is compact and light than I expected.

And I got genuine STAT->IDE conversion board.

It is genuine products I was able to mount the dirve.

Mounted SATA IDE Board


Since it was unavoidable, I purchased the Kuroto-Shiko'one at Yodobachi Kamera.
As for this, the end of the board has not stuck out the end of hard disk drive.


However, if the socket of IDE is put, it will stick out the end .... I wanted the manufacturer to give more consideration when making the board... Since it is unavoidable, I will buy the genuine parts.

I bought GPS. It seems to be available also in OSX.


However, since my iPhoto is Version 8, it is still necessary to upgrade the iPhoto before long.

And since I began to have experimented in order to make VU meter, I bought the soldering iron after a long time.

Soldering Iron

I choose the little expensive temperature stationary type.@I bought it from KYOHRITSU ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd along which I passed well a long time ago.
Now, my oscilloscope had died when I started to study. Overnight, having turned on electricity may be problem.
Since the electron-tube heater becomes red, it is not off.
Since the Hi-voltage bloack has come out only like 80V somehow, the problem is likely to be around here.


Since 1TB HDD was becoming cheap, I purchased. It was 7600 yen.


I think that I will put in together with the purchased SATA->IDE converter board in before at Tera BOX.

When attached, the end of the board has stuck out from the end of HDD and did not actually go into Tera BOX.

The Edge


I came to Maihama to drink the local brand beer. I ordered all local brand beers because it was a last order verge. Overwhelming.

Maihama Craft beer


it is Apple Store Ginza.Since there was the seminar of Action Script 3, I came. Since it was the super-introduction, it was unsatisfactory.

Apple Store Ginza