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I tried to buy from Akiduki Denshi on the Internet. Sometimes, I go shopping but I had not found some in the shop and I tried.

Akiduki Net Order

I bought a breadboard.

Bread Board

It's Battery box with a USB connector. The price is 250 en. It is good for Mobile users.

USB Battery Box

The thing that I want to buy most is this Single-Supply Op Amp.



And this year, I came to the Satchmo festival. It is held in the Yebisu Beer Museum.

Sachmo Festival


I drunk a fad drink, Highball. Looking well, it was Highball Ginger. Shochu is used instead of whiskey.

Highball Ginger



At long last,I came to Sakura. 6 years ago, I has come to the Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art. The purpose of today is the tour of castle town.

Sakura Station

This is samurai residences. Still bearing the old days. The flow of time is moderate?

Samurai residences


After that, I walked the Sakra castle ruin and I came over Yukari-ga-oka through Keisei Sakura Station. The Station buiding is great.

Yukari Ga Oka Station

The purpose is Sakura microbrewery.



I had it in the train, it was delicious.

Kaori no Nama

I came back on the train, I came to the Juntendo memorial .

Juntendo Memorial


I went to the old Hotta house. In the Sakura garden opened to the public, it feels good.

Sakura Garden


I had bought the common ticket to the three hall, so I drunk a little, I did not enter Old Hotta House.



At long last, I came to Kawasaki Daishi.

Kawasaki Daishi


They have a wind bells fair, now.

Wind Bell Fair

The price appears to be from 500 yen to 1 million yen. The most popular price a few thousand yen. Although I also want to clean the glass, so the price is high and I might be breaking it, I bought the prettily one of the Nanbu Tekki.

Wind Bells


The Register interface for the content of this site, I tried to incorporate Google AJAX Language API. The accuracy of the translation is not good, it will get better in the future.

By the way, I am developing RSS as the output.


At last, I came to Ito Yoka do Honmoku Branch which opened the last year.
I thought that they renewed the empty building of MYCAL Honmoku but it is in a short distance away.

Honmoku Itoyokado

They have only 2 floors and these tenants is family-oriented. I felt personally short on fun.


I replaced DVD-Drive of my Mac mini (mid 2007) since the drive become not to mount discs well. Although the drive can read with many errors and many retries when it can not mount a disc well, it is not good on the mental health. Then, I decided to replace the drive.

DVD Drive

What was equipped was a model called DVR-06PA of Pioneer. What I bought was UJ-857 of Panasonic which has actual performance by web searching.
The price was the about 4500 yen. Incidentally, since UJ-857A is SATA, it does not suite Mac mini (mid 2007) . UJ-857 seems to have difference in velocity but DVD-RAM is avalable at the dirve.

Although my Mac mini stopped recognizing USB2.0 from before, since it seems to fail in the negotiation of USB2.0 somehow, I added the condensor at the place which a electrolytic condenser attaches in passing, but there was no change.

E-P1 is put on the market on July 3.
Although it worried about whether it will reserve or not, he thought that he would carry out after seeing the actual thing, and it has seen today. Although the retro feeling had come out of the direction of silver, the high-class feeling did not feel. Although I thought whether the white one would be good, it is large too.
I would like to wait for the black said to probably come out in summer.