I attached the side wood to my vacuum tube amplifier. It took quite some time to paint.

Side Wood


Since there were handy speakers when I thought to buy a speaker stand for my bedroom, I decided to paint of it. It is E82B of Fostex that I bought for the experiment.



I painted the surfaces for over one week. Although I thought to make them speaker stands, since the low frequency sound suits of them the bedroom, I think to use them regularly.

Painted Speaker


Pixelmator was updated. It came to work as an external editor of iPhoto. Although it was working as an external editor until now also, when it saved images, the images had become different files from iPhoto images.
The images which are edited by Pixelmator is returned as files of iPhoto by this version. It is fairly convenient.



Because I have easily resolved USB cable for iPod, I decided to add a lineout.

iPod Dock Connector

There was various information about iPod Dock Connector. Many things are uncertain. I think Yamaha-YDS10.pdf, materials on a Yamaha is best to use.

Worked iPod Dock Connector

The audio output from 29pin to 27pin are needed. In addition, for iPod touch late 2009, 20pin, accessory detection should be connected to GND and I connected it to 16pin. iPod nano does not need this wiring. The iPhone needs that 10pin, accessory ID is connected to GND with 68k ohm.


Finished iPod Dock Connector


I came to the Ginza Apple Store.

Apple Store Ginza

Today's event was OSX Server Night Vol.3.

OSX Server Night Vol.3


Mac mini was crashed when iPod touch was updated firmware over net.USB. Of course, iPod touch recovery was also necessary. If you are using net.USB, it is caution.


It is Bean-Throwing Festival. In the morning, I ate a Fortune Sushi Roll.@It is nice to the Fortune Sushi Roll at a convenience store but the price 390 yen is unreasonable.

Fortune Sushi Roll


Olympus E-5 has many rumors but I changed the eyecup of E-1. I found the way to convert Panasonic L10 Magnifier to E-1 in kakaku.com. What is needed is EP-1 Eyecup for E-1 and VYC-0973 for the L10. The total amount is about 2500 yen. It is reasonable.

Eye Cap

Remove the rubber cover of EP-1 and @bond it to VYC-0973.@The viewing field becomes 1.2 times. Since I ware the glasses, the little darkness of corners is not problem. The glass and rubber in EP-1 is needed for stable.

Eye Cap

E-1 with Eye Cap