I had a last beer in the beer pub that I always go to for now.

Last Beer for Now

When I waked through the front of 109 on the way to Shibuya station, there was a lot of the box for Luck Bags.

Lucky Bag for 2010

And I came to Nagano. First, I ate a soba noodle on the platform.

Soba Noodle

I did not think it was snowing.

Nagano Station


I saw Avatar. I who wore glasses became tired of 3D glasses though the content was so so. I did not think that there was a meaning seen to the point of paying extra charges.

3D Glasses


After all, I come to want to try and bought ND-S1. The equalizer of iPod is set-on and it causes some interruption when playing. it seems to be the specification.


The connector seems to break if there is no Dock adaptor though iPod with case can not to be attached when there is Dock adaptor.


It is time to say goodbye iMac that has worked hard up to now. It becomes impossible to install OS from the CD drive by longevity.

iMac Rev.C

It was too heavy to carry it to the post office.


I had also a chicken leg in this year.

Chicken leg

I tried to have a stollen.



Landmark Tower is filled with the Christmas mood.

Landmark Tower


At last, the speaker arrived. The piano black finish is too beautiful. My fist impression of the sound is good. From now on, the break-in starts.

Evidence MM01A

It is Walkman bought for the sound quality comparison with iPod. I chose the Sony Style limited version.



Although I orderd the speaker last weekend, I also thought to buy amplifier, and I bought the receiver of the digital amplifier which seems to be interesting. ONKYO CR-D2LTD.


The sound is good. It might be a passing point though it has a little coarse feeling in high frequency.


I bought a switch. 8 ports hub became not enough and I bought 16 ports hub with Giga bit speed.
But Only Macmini has a Gigabit port now.



I arrived at the Tokyo station before seven, early from the schedule.

Tokyo Station

It is Roppongi.
Naturally the town is a Christmas mood.

Lighting Roppongi

I came to Idea Digital Studio that was opened recently.
It was common although more stylish touch I was expected. Conversely, it is casual and was easy to enter.

Idea Digital Studio


It was a catch to find Ito-ya next to the shop.



It is Aomori station. When I went to Morioka, I remarked that single-day trip of Aomori was possible. Then I wanted to try it and tried it.

Aomori Station

Nowhere, "Tsugaru wintry scene", I heard it, I found that there was a poetry monument. It plays the songs automatically as people approached.

The Poetry Monument

Here and there, it had become prohibition of use from December 1 for winter.

Winter Season Sign

Winter Season Sign

Winter Season Sign

They are already preparations for winter. There were fences of the measure against snow also on trees.

Fenced Tree

Benches were even protected. So much, does snow lie? But it was fairly warm on that day.

Fenced Bench

Since there was a cassis draft, I drank. I thought that the bitter taste and the flavor of the cassis dose not match well. There is seemingly also a pilsner type in addition to a bitter type, I would like to try someday.

Cassis Draft

It is Shiko Munakata Memorial Museum.

 Shiko Munakata Memorial Museum


Only limited arts are on display because people can concentrate to see them.

Since the mistake was made in riding a train, It was 1 hour or more late and I reached at Hirosaki.

Hisosaki Castle

Although it is before 5:00, it is pitch-black completely.

Closing preparation was started as the nebuta village which I thought would go was also closed at 5:00. Regrettable.

Nebuta Mura

Although I thought whether I would see a movie in MYCAL of Hirosaki or I would eat any delicious things and was walking, since Hirosaki MYCAL was found, I decided to see a movie. It was in a suburbs type shopping mall county called that of Sakurano.

HIrosaki Mycal


I saw "Nakumonka", The literal translation is "will not cry". It was advertized in Tebashki Resturant, Yama-chan. If the touch is same as "Maikohaaaan", I thought that I maybe enjoy it. And there was atmosphere of the shopping center in Showa. I saw the movie with a lot of interest.
It was very interesting. Yuuko Takeuchi was smart. Her role as a wife not seeing these days was good.


The snack for movies is popcorn, the caramel type of popcorn was the mix of brezel and popcorn. It was delicious.

Brezel and Popcorn

I thought to eat something near the statio after the movie but many stores closed early. It is still 9:00.
The lighting also of the Ito Yokado of Hirosaki also went out at 9:00.
Since it was unavoidable, I decided to ride a bus without eating anything.

Hiroshima Station