Spirit being left over and I bought also the enclosure.


When it is the unit which I bought yesterday, the bass is too loud.


I bought on impulse speaker unit.



I purchased the battery.

iBook Battery

That is for iBook Clam Shell. With the world, New MacBook is popularity, however to use at the house, it is sufficient with this.

Even now, having handled, it is saved.



The electric charges of 1 months of iMac which is used for this server were 639 Yen.

Ecowatt Result

As expected, PowerPC G3, it is small electric power consumption.


I came near to Yodobashi Camera on the way home because I had come to want to connect to WiFi with iBook ClamShell, Suddenly. Then, the client of WiFi of USB is 1480 yen.


The type name is GW-US54GXS.
It retreats now, and it doesn't support Leopard, and be terrible do not support to intel Mac. The explanation of the installer says it for Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) or later.However, it did not work though it was possible to install. I did the up-grade to Panther because there was no other way. I should have bought the family pack of Panther probably.


Java1.5 of Apple doesn't support Panther.
However, when the script was used and I installed it, it was possible to install Java1.5.
However, there is a problem.
Pahther doesn't have the following three points to which libawt.jnilib of Java1.5 refers .


I dosn't recommend it so much.