Because PHS had become wireless LAN correspondence, I decided to buy wireless LAN.

La Fonera

Though I had thought to buy Time Capsule , I stopped to buy it because the price is high , and the interesting one is good if I want to buy, so I decided to buy La Fonera.

Registration is also interesting, and being displayed to one of the access points of FON that is interesting all over the world.

Fon Map

I think that it is an interesting idea afresh though I doesn't understand whether to make a profit.


I decided to go to the rose garden in Kanoya today.At last, I was able to see fine Sakurajima.
Kagoshima-chuo-> Kamoike-port-> Tarumizu-> Kanoya rose garden, It takes time very well.

Kamoike Port

Although I got on the bus past 9:00, I reached the rose garden in 12:00.

Kaniya Rose Garden

In the Kanoya rose garden, it is the softcream of the rose.

Rose Softcream

Since time did somehow, I made the return into the high speed bus from Kanoya.

Bus From Kanoya

Since ANA does not have any services at 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, there is quite a many time. There is the foot bath in the Kagoshima airport. I reached, bought the microbrewing and deep-fried fish balls given the opportunity of the break, and I ate using the foot bath.

Foot Bath in Kagoshima Air Port


Moreover, I occurred early and carried out stripes. I cross to Koshiki Island today.
Since the Low Pressure was near and it had been raining, I thought whether to have been the flight cancellation, but the ship came out.

Ferry To Koshikijima

However, the swing of the ship is severe and I have vomited.

Although he walked around in rain Koshiki Island to along the beach, I only became all wet.

Flower In Koshikijima

When the afternoon flight was canceled, I could not return, but the ship was put out to sea.
Koshiki Island is also the area into which WILLCOM does not go.
So, I used the public-phone for the reserve of the taxi of the return after a long time.
I expected the return having not shaking, since the ferry was used.

Ferry From Koshikijima

I returned and went straight to a sake cellar. It is made by using an old gold mine mark.


There are the meal, the hot spring, and the truck.The meal was reasonable and delicious.

Food at Kinzangura


I decided to head for Makurazaki getting up early in the morning.

Miyakonojyo In Morning

It became waiting by one hour in Yamakawa Station

Yamakawa Station

Then, I thought that I had only had to do even by the Atshime round near Koizumi Station. Naturally, there is even no returning service.

Nishi Ooyama Station, it is the most southern station of JR. It has not been the most southern station in Japan because Mono rail was build in Okinaha.

Nishi Ooyama Station

I came finally. It is Makurazaki.There is not a station building....

Makurazaki Station

I bought the certificate in the meantime as coming commemoration.


It is 200 yen.

But the particular thing was not found. I am lacking in a research.
Because the fare was a little cheap, and the departure time was late, I used the bus for the return.


I decided to go to Manyo Botanical Garden for the time being because time was still early.

Manyou  Botanical Garden

I thought whether there are from Manyou age, but the plant which is sung in Collection of Man'youshuu just is gathered. It is the park whose feeling is good.

It is th Kirinokura Facgtory Garden that I want to came.

KiriShima Factory Garden

It is the beer of the Kirinokura Brewer. It was tasty.

Kirinokura Beer

The participant was only me when I asked for the factory tour of distilled spirit.


I will go on a trip after long time. The air port has few pepole after Golden Week.

Haneda 2008-05-07

It is the Fukuoka airport in the twinkling of an eye. Although I get used and do not feel the freshness, since there was constructing, I looking forward to what is made.

Fukuoka AirPort

I bought the bus ticket for tonight at first, I put luggage on the locker at the bus center and I started to move over.

I strolled over Dazaifu. I needed connection but I arrived quickly. The train was not crawded.

Dazaifu Station

There were indeed a lot of closed shops immediately after consecutive holidays.


Nishi-tetsu railroad innovates IC card, isn't it? It is called nimoca.


We had a small alcoholic party at the shop that my friead found tonight.

The setout was smart.

Smart Plate

When we did not think it was satisfactory, and did an additional order because dishing up was fashionable, a lot of dishes were served and we were full.


Rice With Green Tea


Full in stomach state, I got on the bus of going in Miyakonojo.
If daytime, it takes about 3 hours to go to Miyakonojyo, but they maybe think of sleep time, in the night, it is required 7 hours.