ThunderBird (Windows) of the mailer had some problem such a "Could not initialize the browser security component" and "Could not update...". I tried something but it is not improved in the end.
The problem was solved when erasing cert8.db. It seems that cert8.db had broken.


Since it is a season of 18 kippu, I have gone out to the winery in Ushiku.

Chateau D.Kamiya


It seems that it was somewhat early at the cherry cherry blossoms.

Kamiya Cherry Blossom

The wine warehouse was also able to be seen.

Waine Warehouse

It is my purpose, craft beer.They have no less than six kinds of microbrewing.
In summer, they seems to have all-you-can-drink for 1500 yen.

Kamiya Craft Beer

The grave character is felt as it became an important cultural property from last year.

Chateau D.Kamiya Night