Although movement to 20 days by night train was expected, it becomes an operation stop for a strong wind, and is movement this morning and early. In Echigo-yuzawa, it is a transfer to Hakutaka. I am glad to be able to get on the special express.


There is likely to be no time to go in Noto-Hanto.

Clock Kanazawa Station

First of all, it is omelette with rice in having something to eat. As for the omelette with rice in Kanazawa, I feel some histories.

Omelette with Rice

I decided to change a schedule and to go to a tea stall town.I thought that keeping a town from of old, and using it well were wonderful. There are souvenir shop and a tea shop, too.

Although snowy Kenrokuen Garden was expected, almost had already been thawed.

Remaining Snow

And it is a favorite room of Turrell in 21st Cnetury Museam of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa I want to come to.He likes how to flow through the time here.


Though I had even if I takes the bed night train after a long time.
All were the suspensions because of the strong wind.


By Mercurial, when Updating Todo, It became the error.

$ hg push
abort: 'https://...../myTask' does not appear to be an hg repository!

When checking over, the server's operating capacity was over 100%. Is the review about the server required soon?


Since the filesystem broke, I updated Diskwarrior of my last rope.
It arrived the one week after applying.

DiskWarrior 4.1

This simple packaging is good.

As a result, I kept and decided to re-install since the tool was not finished as the restructure of the directory even if it took the 1 hour or more.

Although the licence of iTunes was worrisome, and I authenticated , the counting was not increasing. Good.

The re-installation of the softwares took round the one day with this and that.


Since I installed OS X was into another drive, I applied Defrag to the startup disk which I am always using by Dirve Genius2.
On the occasion of Defrag, I saw the warning which comes out as a convention and peformed.

It becomes impossible to have restored the filesystem of the startup disk, and it became impossible as a result to start ...
It seems that the cause went into the sleep of OSX put in newly when thought well ....
Although there was the restriction, since it mounted, only the data was safe.