Because garbage entered the shutter switch of patronized FinePix31fd, and the condition of the shutter is bad, I had put it out to "FinePix special express repair service 30 minute".

FujiFilm Service Center

The result, they cleaned it free of charge, and it was reconciled. It is thanks feeling.


At last I got an update version of CS4. I replaced it, but use nothing in particular... . I study soon.

CS4 Web Standard


Since the customary end-of-year sale was carried out, I bought a bundle with MacUpdate Promo.


The aim is VirusBarrier.


It is a good bundle since it includes Drive Genius.


MacGourmet Delux of Mariner which is making Mariner Calc etc. also seems to be interesting.


I would like to also try a Web Site creation soft called RapidWeaver.


Since it is in favor of the yen, it is recommendation.


Since it was troublesome to have moved an electron-tube heater to a dressing room, I bought a small electron-tube heater.

Compact Heater

Although it is small, it is sufficient power for a dressing room.


I asked the repare of a compact camera of LEICA. Replasing a top plate and repair of the iris dial, the cost is 36000 yen. It is a price which can buy a compact digital camera .....