I came over to Matsushima.

Matsushima Station

Matsuhimakaigan Station is nearer to the sea.

Matsushima Map


I came for the long-cherished Sendai Star Festival. Stands of the oxtongue, the draft beer of the craft beer, the festival is wonderful by them.

Sendai Staition


Lavish spending, I bought a cool wind machine of Donki brand. The price is 5000en but it is enough.

Cool wind machine


I bought@SUMMILUX 25mm F1.4 at last.

LEICA 25mm

I bought LEICA though I worried whether to buy E-3 or to choose SIGMA 24 F1.8 or to choose ZD ED 14-35mm F2.0.It is ..this resolution feeling.. good.
However, I was surprised that one screw had come out when opening it. It was possible to take it while transporting it. The tightening torque should seem to be improved though it seems to have been problem because it was 1 piece among 3 pieces in rear side.