I have been to the Shanghaig Donya that opens today in Akihabara. But I was pleasant for what Muda-Ya under floor treats a lot of interesting.

Shanghaig Donya


Since the battery of W-ZERO3 become not to keep the power for two days, I bought a new thing. It is a compatible article of the half price of an authorized products at curiosity.

Third Party Battery


I upgraded Jedit X to Rev2.
Recently, I do not use the editor, but I upgrade since same fine features such as tab features have been added since.



I bought a Compact Flash Media. It's 16GB AND the price is 7000 en. Unbelievable epoc is coming.
E-1 recognizes it as 1106 pictures camacity.

16GB Compact Flash


I came to Enoshima

Enoshima Station

As for the most popular food, it might be whitebait in Enoshima at this time of the year. I ate whitebait bowl.

White bait bowl