I came to the sale event of Leopard in Yodobashi Camera.
For a light rain, it was not particularly exciting.

Leopard in Yodobashi Camera

Of course, I came to Apple Store in Ginza also. Around 6:30PM, it had still stood in a line. But it is not same as the time of Tiger.

Leopard in Apple Store

In passing, I approached also at BIC Camera in Yurakucho. In the shop front and a staff played up with a loudspeaker.

Leopard in Bic Camera

I blest Leopard by eating the sushi.

Sushi for Leopard


I clicked a refurbished Mac mini on the Apple Store.
I have heard the rumor that Mac nano comes out at the end of this year.
But iMac's flat panel is not good. And new MacPro I hope does not come out.
I have heard also the rumor that Apple Inc. is buying up new Intel's CPU.
Tentatively, I decided to buy Mac mini for getting a low price on Mac.


Long-awaited OLYMPUS E-3 comes out,too. The estimated price is 200,000 yen and I will check up it after the price is down under 150,000 yen. Before that,I want a new lens in these days.



The wait is over. Leopard comes over. But my iMac that I use now is not supported. It is not problem because I am thinking to buy new one.


But It is not pleasure that the OS become heavy.