With one day free ticket, I decided to go around by train.

Ichinichi Kippu

I come to Niikappu since there was a record hall. From Sapporo, it takes about 3 hours. The number of electric train is also one in 3 hours.

Niikappu Station

It is Hokkaido limited beer, looking at the north sea. It was delicious although it was cold.

Chojyuku Beer

My Willcom phone can not get signal. Considering 99% of a population covering rate , it is remaining 1%. It is very precious.


I decided to go to Hokkaido after a long time. The aims are Moere swamp park, a record hall, and an Atka mackerel and beer.

Haneda Airport 2007/11

In the twinkling of an eye, it is Hokkaido. There is no snow than expected.


I did not go to a city area but went to the Moere swamp direct.

A hand is numb with very cold as standing.
I cannot pushed A shutter. Gloves are indispensable. It was regrettable although I expected the snow-covered landscape.

I came to Apple Store in Sapporo. It was christmas mood.There were fewer customers. Is this store OK?

Apple Store Sapporo

I also went to Sapporo Yodobashi Camera. It is my first visit here I was not able to come here when I come to Sapporo.

Sapporo Yodobashi Camera

It is the Atka mackerel which I have finally.


I ate also oyster.



The up-grade of Repard reached finally.

Leopard Upgrader

Immediately, I updated my Mac mini. It is update completion at one hour. "Space " is most wanting feature. Tentatively, "Time Machine" was set. The icon of 3D is not so good, I think.