Now, when I think to return, it is serious in the System trouble of ANA. It's possible that something could happen to me because I am in charge of affairs of Server. After all, although I was kept waiting for as long as 3 hours, the Fukuoka airport is new and I was lucky.

ANA Trouble

With white distilled liquor and snacks, I decided to wait leisurely.



From now, I ride on the Kyushu Shinkansen although I have to switch special express on the way, I will go to Hakata.

Shinkansen Tsubame

The chair of this train is rather foppish and it is comfortable.


This is Apple Store in Hakata. There ware seldom people.

Apple Store Hakata

It is the stew chaotzu eaten with my friend. We were waiting for long time. The simmering was spectacular.

Boiled Yumcha


I have come around to Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Airport

Since footbath was in the place which came out of the airport, I have been happy-go-lucky there.



After a long time, I bought a compact digital camera. Since it is F610 that I bought it before, it is very the purchases after a long time.
What was purchased is F31fd of Fuji.
Although I wavered between this and FE250 of Olympus, I decided to buy F31fd from which ISO speed is raised without the number of pixels changing.
It became somewhat small compared with F610, and is upgraded about 10 times.

New Digital Camera