Excite free mail had a renewal. I placed high hopes on the renewal but it was not available for 2 days after the change. They use Ajax but the function is not good. And the mail box capacity does not increase. I can not understand what they want to do.


Mac min+spatula=disassembly. I try to buy 2GB x 2 because the memory price is reasonalbe. Mac mini uses only 3GB but it is no problem because the price of 2 pices of 2GB is 13,800 Yen

Memory Upgrade

I purchased it without knowing the brand. It's reassuring to know that the brand is Transcend

It seems that memory slots are under drive, although it opened safely and I thought to exchage the memory.

Open Macmini

Four screws are removed and I am meeting at last.

Open Macmini 2

The temporary startup was carried out after exchanging memories before closing the case. It seems that one memory is not recognized. When the power is turned off and I checked, one memory will be falling out for the elasticity of the socket.


When I pushed it in again and started, the memory has been safely recognized as 4GB. Now, a scroll of iPhoto is not overdue.



I have no plan to use SuperCard but I upgraded SuperCard to 4.6.2.@Now my SuperCard is Intel Mac Native.

SuperCard 4.6.2


I bought a new chair. It is comfortable to sit in.

New Chair

I also bought a foot-rest.

Foot Rest