I went to The Computer Building of LAOX because I have heard that it will be closed.

LAOX Closing

I bought a package of DVD-R as I did not find any wishes.



I came to Lalaport in Yokohama. It is Shin-Yokohama rather than Yokohama. Although it is a holiday, there are few people.

Lalaport Yokohama

With 18 Kippu, I came to Itsukaichi. I cannot think it in Tokyo. It is peaceful.

Itsukaichi Station


I walked along Kamo-river after a long time. The wind which crosses the river was comfortable.

Kamo River


I came to Ina City to eat Rohmen(local noodles).

Ina Station

The elapse of of a country shop street is good.
There is only one train in 1 hour and there is no train in 12:00


Ina Street


It is the sea in Kamakura. I would like to walk along a beach with bare feet at once within summer. But the wind is strong.

Kamakura Sea Side