Recently, my iMac came ..kernel panic.. to happen frequently. It is uncertain whether the cause is a trouble of the effect of iBeezz installed the other day or its hardware.


I was going to test the memory and found the test tool in the meantime.


Because it was troublesome that I searched for the disk of Apple Hardware Test(AHT), I chose this. I have understood that the HD-250IU2 speed of Buffalo is slow though I was not anxious at all after the variety of incidentally examining. I don't know the reason that it slower than HDA-iE120 with 5400 rpm.


I participated in "NeoOffice Early Access Program". I participated by the purpose of $10 contribution though I did not have the reason that had to be used early, especially . As a result, NeoOffice becomes OpenOffice2.0 base, and OpenDocument is available.



Today it is the end of The holiday-studded week. I went to Apple store a lot in this holiday-studded week.