I do without intention, and have bought W-ZERO3. Because the discount postcard of the model change reached the place where the possession of the battery of capital Pon has worsened from Wilcom, I have bought it.
I went to the convenience store for taking because I was absent on the delivery day. Because there are a lot of absences, Kuroneko Yamato has the convenience store receipt service and is convenient.


There are even a terminal of Windows Mobile and an emulator of AppleII though examined for a
moment by me.


I came to PIE(Photo Imaging Expo).@The train that I had taken was delayed as much as one hour because of the
accident resulting in injury or death. And, the hall was still flourishing though I had arrived there and a half hours
before closing the expo.

PIE 2007

Olympus were more high-spirited in the much more than last year.

Olympus Booth

The medium-format camera manufacturer also had energetically put out the booth.

medium-format camera

I saw the presentation of Light Room of Adobe. It is a completion that worries Light Room, Aperture, and which to be chosen.

Adobe Light Room


I came to Sendai after long time. It is routine visiting to Yodobashi Camera.

Yodobashi Camera Sendai

Finally, I came to Apple Store Sendai. I am worry about less customer.

Apple Store Sendai


Proside has changed over to service companies related to IT when I
I wanted to obtain PC with the logo of ProSide with the history.



I have gone to Open Source Conference 2007 Spring.
The comparison between PostgreSQL and MySQL was happy topics. PostgreSQL is not slow so much when saying at the speed.

PostgreSQl vs MySQL

I heard the performance of Open Solaris. Making as another OS was interesting again with OSX and Linux. Is it quite happy?

Open Solaris


Now I manage another site using with CMS tool and I found an interesting site.


When I made the site by CMS, I picked "WordPress" from the multiple CMS tools with feeling. We can make a comparison amoung CMS tools by this site.
However, CMS tools have gone out more than thinking.


I can't found the way to substitute the keyword by monotone.
I have started to manage the version of software by Subversion after all.



This is shin-puh-kan that I wanted to come to. It good space for spending the day relaxing .
When it become warm, I will come here again.




I went to Nipponbashi . I'm happy that there are a lot of electric-parts shop.


But many condominium building are build in the back street.

Yamada-Dekin LABI1 in the south area of Namba has the first anniversary. It is great big.


But the crossover bridge to Namba Parks was not available now.

Incidentally, I went for not significant Apple Store Shinsaibashi.

Apple Store Shinsaibashi


The construction tool of the site was done from AppleScript+Valentina to PHP+MySQL from now on finally. Guestbook is not rewritten now.