I payed the fee of Postfix Enabler because I changed the OS of iMac Server to OSX from OS9. I 've heard that it is easy but I had some trouble. I can't send and receive by unregister user of the OS.



I have been using WireTapPro and an External FM tuner with waiting for radio Shark accepting Japan FM Area for long time. But it is not easy and I bought a FM Recodable MP3 Player with Timer. It is QT-MPA10-W made by SHARP. The price become low and 148000 yen .I knew other lower price shops but I wanted to buy it on way home and I bought it in Yodobashi Camare .Its design is good but I think the mold is cheep . The function is good. OSX accepts the player as USB memory .


I found radio Shark2 that supports Japan FM Area after buying the MP3 player.



Greetings for the new year.

New Year