The holiday-studded week will start tomorrow and Apple Store give us presents today. I got a song coupon of iTunes store.


It is a geyser. I saw it for the first time. It is great power. I came to want to go to Iceland.


I am looking at the Suwa lake while soaked to footbath. It is pleasant.



15 years seemed to have passed after joining nifty today. I join considerably for a long time.


After all, I bought "QuickTime MPEG2 play back component" though whether I bought ahead or not buy I worried .
It is not "QuickTimePro". It is the one only of the reproduction of MPEG2.
I thought that it was able to reproduce Storesres often in software compared with it even individual though VLC, MPlay, and Xsine were tried.

The bought reason is that the softoware taken with CaptyTV is reproduced.
Because the extra of hardware is the one of times, the convenience of the software of Pixcela is bad.


As for spring, it is cherry blossoms. I went to Shinjuku Imperial Gardens after a long time. I have never seen Shinjuku Imperial Gardens crowded in the morning. Enjoying seeing cherry blossom can have been pleasantly done because there was sunlight.