The upgrade license of today and SuperCard reached. And, from today,the holiday price of SuperCard one month seems that continues. It is half price.



Because a special up-grade of SuperCard ended today, I did the up-grade. I am hardly using SuperCard recently. However, because it becomes 4.5 and has quickened by eight times, I will improve the version and make something again. However, US is rest at the Thanksgiving yesterday and today.


The site where the worldwide clock is funny was found. Is this, now probably Ajax of popularity?



I have beent to Yodobashi camera Akihabara branch. It crowded very much though as many as two months had passed since it had already opened. There is no atmosphere of Akihabara when entering. It is feeling that has come to Yodobashi Camera Umeda branch.

Yodobashi Akihabara Branch

By the way,'moe' that become widely accepted overflowed on the main street of Akihabara.

Akihabara Main Street