I came to Akihabara after lon time.

G.W. Akihabara

This is the cross field building of topic.

the cross field building

It seems that also Yodobashi-Camara will open.

Akihabara Yodobashi

Because the keyboard which I now use is old, I bought the new keyboard. It was cheap for 3465 Yen. Next, I bought also the HDD external case of USB. That was 800 Yen.

Keyboard and USB HDD Case

When replacing HDD of ibook, HDD which is left over was inserted in the HDD case.



I went to Belgian Symbolism - Reality in the Abyss.There ware considerably works of my favor there.

Belgian Symbolism

Because the Belgian beer fair had been held at arestaurant on the same floor, I asked for the beer.

Belgian Beer


I installed Tiger. Especially, there is no trouble now. On the contrary, OS9 that had not started by 10.3.9 came to start.

Tiger Installed


I also obtained Tiger belatedly today.


To arrange data before Tiger was installed, I bought new HDD. Because the point of Yodobashi Camera had been used, the price was free.