I wasted money after a long time. It is portable DVD player having the screen of 7inch, it was 30,000 yen.

DVD Player

Because the ordered type name and the type name printed on the box were different, I have surely thought the mis-delivery. As for one of the bought reasons, I wanted the belly telly. Outputting the program that I captured by CaptyTV by way of CpatyTV reduces the load of iMac and I can use iMac smoothly. Another reasons is that I wanted another DVD player except iMac. And I can watch the program burned on DVD-R. However, the image on the screen in not good.


Because the international fireworks is hold in Yokoham today, I walked around Negishi.

It's Negishi Natsukashi park. People must not play in it though it's a park.

Negishi Natsukashi park

It is Negishi Forest Park and a tranquil public park.

 Negishi Forest Park

The beer was delicious.

The Beer

The airship also was flying.

A AirShip

It is a Honmoku top of a mountain park and has a fine view.

Honmoku Snacho Park

It's fireworks.

International Fireworks