The original of "Future Boy Conan" and I had known thereby the reprint and finally came. I can enjoy the original as an original though the original has a point different from the animated cartoon.


I tried participating in Amazon associate.


The bulletin board type conference room where I had been indebted for a long time was closed. It is "Web Scripter's Meeting". The knowledge that I absorbed here is very useful. I am relieved that the past content will remain as the material. I think that he maintained it well until now.


Nowadays I think often then broken link site are too many.It increases useless clicks though I manages to refer to the page that remains in the cache of GoogleIt is good to be able to make a Web page easily, but I have the doubt in the way of the disposable site. Because hyperlink doesn't make sense in a broken cobweb, I want people to maintain their site as much as possible.


I installed the beta version of LightRoom. Did the force of Macromedia develop it because it confirmed Macromedia password when trying to download it?it is a heavy software, but development is good!.



Macintel was announced as it was a rumor. I want to know twice or 4 times grounds. I must be aiming at the last PowerPC PowerMac, and because I also have a lot of software that run only in the Classic environment.




WebSTAR seems to have been bought by the company named Kerio. I want to buy it sooner or later.



I went to Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama. It is wider than I thought. It is easy to walk because the space is wide.

Yodobashi Camera Yokohama


I went to Apple Store Shibuya. New Year's Day it seems, already it is not.

Apple Store Shibuya 2006ma


A Happy New Year!My best regards this year. I will change the site a little.

Meiji Jingu