I have listened to the workshop held in Apple Store Ginza. I think the target of the workshop was not squeezed and the word was a technical term in the beginner situation in the content.They said the mistake. It might be reluctant because it is free.

Apple Store Ginza


I went to Olympus gallery. Being to have the photographdisplaying of traveling of the railroad riding exhaustingwhich has been televised by NHK I went. Rather than making photograph spreading/displaying, the one which is made picture diary spreading/displaying was good, I think.

Olympus gallery



I upgraded Stuffit to Ver 10.0 because of the backup at the end of this year. Because it is an up-grade from 6.5, it is after a long time. As for Stuffit, the backup function in addition to the compression tool had been enhanced, too, when using it.There were only 6sdd DVD discs by Stuffit needing while as many as 8 discs was needed to back up the library of iPhoto when BuckUp of .Mac was used. It seems not to be a lie that the jpeg file is also condensable.



I bought the handy heater of Zippo. After HAKUKIN KAIRO was not available, I have been looking for it for long time and I found at last.

Handy Warmer


I bought an electric stove. It was replacement purchase because the halogen heater broke last year. The carbon heater is the trend of this year. However, I chose the ceramics heat of Daikin. It gets warm at all than the halogen heater.

Ceram Heat